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Trends in lipid-profiles: do aberrant lipid values track over time and do they predict diabetes damage?

It is well established that increased LDL-cholesterol (LDL-C) levels correlate with damage to the vascular wall. Regular measurement of lipids and treating high LDL-C levels with statins is standard care for T1DM in adults, but what about younger patients? We know from our own research that diabetic complications can begin occuring at an early age, so addressing this risk factor early could be highly significant in terms of prevention.


Our preliminary findings from analyis of data in our extensive VCare database suggest that the concept of tracking – high levels tend to remain high, low levels tend to remain low, as observed in adults – also occurs in younger patients. We have also identified a subgroup of teenagers who show a significant rise in LDL-C during puberty. Further studies are underway to determine possible predictive factors.


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