December 3, 2019


Update from ISPAD 2019

One of Diabeter’s paediatricians, Jet Stokvis, went to ISPAD 2019. In this video she talks about a lecture from Greenbaum about non-published data on the intervention for preventing or delaying type 1 diabetes, which is proving very hard to do. Greenbaum et al. screened all family members of people with type 1 diabetes, because they have a 15 times higher chance to get type 1 diabetes. By screening these people, they can identify people who develop 1, 2 or 3 antibodies, allowing them to identify candidates for treatment before the develop type 1 diabetes. The first publication in the NEJM of August 2019 shows that in general they can achieve a 2-year delay of the disease thanks to this intervention. There were only minor side effects, although the long-term side effects are obviously not known yet. In conclusion, it is possible that the field will shift from the diagnosis type 1 diabetes to screening.

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