Improvement of Care & Outcome

Long-term improvement and sustainability of HbA1c outcome in children and youth with T1DM: the Diabeter experience

In this project we analyzed the relationship between the way Diabeter delivers its care (through eHealth, Ther@piemail, remote contacts, etc) and HbA1c outcomes. HbA1c is the major outcome parameter for the success of diabetes care and a major determinant of the chance to develop complications. Applying the Diabeter concept involved a shift from three-monthly ‘live’ appointments to a mixture of a) ‘live’ visits, b) ad-hoc contacts (email, phone) initiated by the patient/parents, and c) automated contacts and use of Ther@piemail: after uploading their device(s), patients receive personalized e-mails with advice based on VCare-algorithms which is checked by HCPs.


While the number of patient contacts increased, the total time spent per patient was reduced and HbA1c levels improved. This research has been presented at the 2016 ISPAD conference.

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