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D Mul, A. Arrieta, HJ Aanstoot, J Castañeda, J Da Silva

Durable high glucometric performance of the Minimed 780G advanced hybrid closed loop system in real-world evaluation in a value based diabetes center (Diabeter Netherlands). Diabetes Technology & Therapeutics.Apr 2022.A-1-A-237. Poster EP035

Outcome of type 1 diabetes can be dramatically improved by further automation of insulin delivery. Earlier we reported preliminary results after 5 weeks of treatment with the MiniMed 780G closed-loop automated insulin delivery system (see here). Here we describe results after 6 months of use of the 780G system by people with T1D in real‐world conditions, treated at Diabeter.


This retrospective analysis included patients with T1D who initiated the 780G system between September 2020 and November‐2021. All patients received structured education before the start of 780G use and multiple (eHealth)HCP contacts during use. People with T1D had at least 10 days of sensor glucose data in each month. Of 359 people with type 1 diabetes who started treatment with the 708G system, 111 met the inclusion criteria.

Key findings:

  • More female than male participants (59% vs 41%)
  • Half of the partcipants (49%) was aged ≤15 years
  • In each month all participants achieved:
    • time in target glucose range (TIR) above 70%
    • GMI (=calculated HbA1c) below 7%
    • time below target glucose range (TBR) below 4% in each month
    • >90% of time in auto-mode of the 780G system
  • Auto-mode settings of target sensor glucose were in most cases set at 100 mg/dL (5.5 mmol/L)
  • Active Insulin Time (AIT) was mostly set at 2 hours. 
  • TIR percentage did not differ between users aged ≤15 years and >15 years


Conclusions: Users of the MiniMed 780G system achieved a high TIR which sustained over the 6‐month observation period. Results of glucometrics did not significantly differ between users aged ≤15 years and those aged >15 years. Optimal results were obtained in those with a target of 100 mg/dL and an Active Insulin time of 2 hours.


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