Psychosocial Aspects

Qualimeter: Assessing and discussing quality of life in the consulting room

Diabeter developed the Qualimeter as a quick way of assessing patients’ quality of life (QoL), without the patient having to complete one or more extensive questionnaires. Although having good glucose control is obviously a priority, information on QoL is also essential for HCPs as it will affect self-care and thus glucose control.


The Qualimeter consists of the first question of the My-Q QoL questionnaire, basically asking patients to rate their life at the moment before each visit to their HCP. The HCP will then use the result of the Qualimeter to ask solution-focused questions aimed at shared decision-making and assessing the need for additional treatment or counseling.


To assess if, and to what extent, the Qualimeter will improve the consultation visit,  baseline measurements, prior to implementing the Qualimeter, and follow-up measurements will be performed to determine how both patients and HCPs rate the consultation visits.


Click here for the poster presented at the 2019 ICHOM Conference in Rotterdam.

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