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Discontinuation of insulin pump therapy: why, how, and what?

Insulin pump therapy – also known as continous subcutaneous insulin injection (CSII) – is a preferable way to deliver insulin as it avoids the need for standard injections and allows for precise dosing over short and long periods of time. However, it also requires skill and endurance: successful ‘pumping’ typically requires at least seven moments of insulin-dose adaptation and at least seven decisions on food and/or activity adjustments each day. It requires frequent attention, which can be a particular problem in some young patients. We will stop CSII therapy if outcomes such as HbA1c or psychosocial indicators suggest a deterioration of diabetes control below the levels usually achieved by insulin pen therapy.


We are currently studying the use and discontinuation of CSII in young patients, to attempt to identify correlating risk factors. The metabolic effects (on glucose and lipids) and effects on weight and psychosocial parameters will also be assessed.


Click here for the poster presented at ATTD 2019 in Berlin.

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