2014: Diabeter wins Achmea Quality Award for Ther@piemail


Diabeter won the Achmea Quality Award 2014 for developing Ther@piemail, an innovative e-health application for children and adolescents with type 1 diabetes.






The application can be used by patients at home to record and upload their latest glucose measurements, from devices such as a glucose meter or insulin pump. These data are processed remotely by Diabeter, and the patient is then sent (within minutes) an email with personalized advice on the level of glucose control and any insulin dose adjustments that need to be made. Patients using the app can also receive test results, and can also ask for advice from Diabeter nurses if necessary – a nurse will contact the patient within one working day to discuss the data and answer any questions.


Use of the app enables patients to achieve good control of their condition, avoid unnecessary visits to their local Diabeter clinic, and minimize disruptions to their daily life.


The Achmea Quality Award is an initiative of the health division of Achmea, a Netherlands-based insurance company. The aim is to recognize innovative and successful efforts to improve the quality of care. The winner of the award is typically decided by a panel of representatives from health-related organizations.


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